The key to long-term success of periodontal treatment is the attendance for recall visits at regular intervals (generally 3-4 months).
At these recall visits a risk assessment is performed in conjunction with any appropriate therapy. It is important to assess certain factors at each recall visit:

Presence of bleeding on probing
Prevalence of residual pockets
Number of teeth lost
Evidence of further loss of periodontal support in relation to the patient’s age
Systemic and/or genetic conditions
Environmental factors such as cigarette smoking

For periodontal cases, depending on the severity of the disease and the patients risk assessment, I am happy to offer Supportive Periodontal Therapy at Cotswold Periodontal Centre. However, for most cases I prefer a “shared care” approach, whereby the majority of the maintenance treatment is carried out in conjunction with the referring General Dental Practitioner and the patient’s own Dental Hygienist.